It’s a cliché, but it’s the honest truth…

Cooling & Cooling is a product of marriage, Adam & Lauren met working together in the industry of fashion in London. She was once a fashion buyer, he was once a retail sales director… After many years of hard work dictated by their wardrobes, they relocated & found recreation in their Victorian farm house in the Cheshire countryside.

“We lend our instinctive creativity to the interiors, carefully selecting rare & unusual antiques to add an underlying notion of coolness & life to an ordinary space. We collaborate the old & the new, crafting our own style with no restraint on the specifics.” With the exception of Adam’s habitual love for early century British lighting & Lauren’s enthusiasm for decorative objects & finishing touches…But hey, we all have our own vices when it comes to the charismatic world of antiques & that’s why there’s two of us!