Behind the Scenes at Cooling & Cooling

To put into words the last couple of weeks, they have been ‘excitingly chaotic’ as we prepared for the launch of the website! We have been busy finalising the layout & design, alongside restoring & photographing pieces in the workshop to make sure our stock is ready.

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Cooling & Cooling finally launched on Friday which was a momentous day for Adam & I. The week leading up to the launch our excitement levels were high in anticipation of sharing our hard work, but at the same time we were quite anxious. All our inspirations, idea’s & planning were finally no longer a pipe dream but somewhat a reality, a reality we have now brought to you with so much hard work, dedication and endless emotion!

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So as the website is now live, we thought we’d share some imagery from the workshop & studio to give you some further insight into our exciting new venture! Our home has always been our building blocks & it is firmly now the pillar & centre of our business

As you can see, at the point of receiving our unrestored individually sourced pieces, they are given some much needed attention in our workshop & then photographed in our onsite studio. We take pride in the way we present & photograph our pieces, as ultimately we believe that restored furniture has to be situated into the right environment in order to stand out.  With that in mind we hope our photography helps you creatively draw inspiration for your own home.  

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On that note, the launch has been positive, its blue skys & the weekend is in sight. Things are most certainly blossoming here at Cooling & Cooling

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