Gents of Leicester Clocks

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So we thought it would only be appropriate to write some content on one of our most concentrated stock items. We have gone to town with Gents of Leicester clocks & I mean gone to town! Adam seems to be like a magnet for them, which is good because there are some little (or rather large!!) stunner’s, including one almighty showstopper! I will go on to reveal all…

As some of you may or may not know in the words of wise ol’ Wikipedia ‘Gents’ of Leicester, also known as Gents & Company Limited, was established in Leicester, England, in 1872 by John Thomas Gent. For over a century, the company was a well-known manufacturer of electrical equipment, in particular its electric clocks, which were used in public buildings and railway stations all over the world.’

18” Copper Station Clock #1044 
To give you some background & history on our stock, we found ourselves acquainted with a retired senior producer from the BBC, who had hung onto these clocks after the BBC relocated its Manchester Broadcasting Studio’s. These are originally salvaged first hand from Dickenson Road Studios, the first Northern based building the BBC acquired from Mancunian Films in 1954.

Dickenson Road Studios in Rusholme, the BBC’s first television studio outside London
(Image sourced from Wikipedia)

Dickenson Road Studio’s was famously the stomping ground and original studio for Top of the Pops, which means there is a good chance these clocks were around & used when the show hosted bands such as The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, The Hollies, The Swinging Blue Jeans & The Beatles who filmed episodes of the hit show in that very building! If only these clock could talk, oh the tales they could tell! To give you some insight of our stock, we have the following pieces:

2 x Extra Large 24” Black station clocks, #1044 ref number for onsite

3 x 18″ Copper Station Clocks as pictured below & currently onsite under ref #1044

2 x Bakelite 12” Factory clocks & 8 x small 9” circular Bakelite clocks, as pictured in our editorial image.

4 x broadcasting clocks with fully functioning Quartz battery powered movement & illuminating broadcasting lights #1049 #1050 #1051

The showstopper of them all, is the double sided square Station Clock, salvaged from a unknown derelict Northern station, all we can say is think BIG…

The impact they have together is just incredible & will make a striking wall display using different diameters. However, you may just need a single large clock for a dramatic presence on a wall feature, these authentic pieces can accommodate any interior environment, be it corporate, residential or an independent business looking to create individual surroundings!

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