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So here we are, the Winter fog has lifted, with Spring on the horizon & with a new season, comes new trends. However there are some trends that fail to diminish, yet they evolve with substance as we ingeniously interpret them in new lights.

With that in mind, here is our  Spring Industrial Edit. We’ve been working our restorative ‘behinds’ off gathering some renown brands & some totally unique pieces that will not fail to entice you back into this cool & stylish trend with a fresh approach.

Within this newsletter release we will look to provide you with some feature pieces & demonstrate how to avoid the explosion of mass production & eccentricities. Including some inspiration on how to effectively incorporate original industrials pieces into our current modern day surroundings.

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EVERTAUT Factory Chairs & M.O.D. Wicker Trolley

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The beauty of these Industrial Evertaut Factory Chairs is simply that there is 19 of them! Great individual pieces but as you can see from the image above, mighty fine as a collective. A significant demonstration of British Industrial manufactured furniture – ergonomically designed for comfort, specifically for factory workers to operating machinery for prolonged periods.

A very large Antique Ministry of Defence Wicker Trolley. This impressive wicker MOD basket trolley was used to store newly manufactured uniforms. A simply wonderful piece with a charming British history, in a well preserved state with a warm charismatic colour.


Pendant Lights

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What can we say, it’s a Pifco Anglepoise Desk Lamp, but it’s no ordinary Pifco desk lamp, its PINK! As rare as you like, as original as they come. The crinkled pink paint is set on a three step cast iron base with chrome arms – this piece, we challenge you not to love!

Further industrial inspired Dome Pendants by Crossland. Drawing upon their sizeable scale & proportions, these lights make impressive feature pieces, particularly when suspended in a trio. Complementing the huge shift in fashion towards bottle & forest greens in 2017, these lights epitomise the evolution of this colour palette for 2018

Cabinet & RUBY OWENS

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A beautiful sleeping treasure that is an Antique 20 Drawer Jewellers Cabinet, with well-drawn proportions & fine patina. Simply an incredible piece with such eye-catching scale, it would be a focus piece for any room. Not entirely an industrial piece, but these drawers lend themselves to this styling & add creative direction.

To complete our collection of industrial led furniture, we have 8 Rubery Owen Blade Chairs. The set are complimentary of their collective form in terms of character & wear. Such a rare find that would create a beautiful seating arrangement for any dining space.

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Here at Cooling & Cooling we can appreciate that some buildings adapt well to Industrial styling due to their manufacturing or trade led background. However with a little creativity & the evolution of adapting multiples trends that coherently complement one another, here we demonstrate how to inject this into everyday living.

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Image by Devol via Pinterest     |    Images by Daily Mail via Pinterest

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All images credited to HOWE London

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