Bring The Outdoors, In

Bring the outdoors inAntique plant pots, hanging egg chairs, benches and outdoor lighting can create that feeling of light, bright space. Beautiful design features you might traditionally expect to find outdoors can incorporate texture and tactile features to any room.

Create an atmospheric feeling of a Parisien courtyard or Tuscan Terrazzo all year round with these design elements.

P L E A S I N G  P O T T E R Y

The trend for indoor plant collections isn’t going anywhere soon. From a smattering of succulents to a full-blown interior green theme, if you’re hooked on #plantlife, then you’ll be looking for some unique pots for them to live in.

Our selection of antique plant pots can help make a feature of your collection, or simply group in a corner, use for faux-florals or frame an entranceway.

Antique Terracotta Pithoi Pots

A showstopping Antique, Greek Pithoi Pot is a talking piece for any room.

These stunning pots are beautifully presented in their original condition with a fantastic patina of old lichens and moss across their aged, terracotta exteriors. Originally from Greece, from the early 20th century, they would have been used for harvested produce – grain, olives, or wine.

The original planter & stand combination, now bang on-trend. The worn, aged terracotta paired with the elegant wrought iron legs of their stands create an elegant edge for a substantially sized pot.

Our collection of Greek Pithoi Pots have been carefully sourced and selected from the Heraklion region in Crete. The pots showcase traditional and accent methods we’re so impressed with their quality, rigidity and authentic finish.

We believe these pots are the perfect addition to a hallway, courtyard or entranceway for interiors. They can make something of an orangery or conservatory space too, or link the inside and outside, positioned next to bi-fold doors. Pithoi pots work well when styled with other pots of different sizes as shown below, or to house some natural branches to add interest to a corner.

We think for commercial properties such as hotels, spas and restaurants, adding a few pots will make any entranceway feel grand and premium.


Greek Pithoi Pots

Images via Pinterest

Glazed Antique Earthenware Pots

These beautifully worn earthenware antique pots bring characterful texture to room designs, with years of scuffs & marks consistent with their age – we estimate them to be late 19th century. 

Style these antique pots in a collection, or pair with pots of different sizes (like a Pithoi pot, above) or mix and match with modern touches, to fit into any room style effortlessly.

We love these pots in dining rooms, living rooms and hallways, on sideboards, console tables or simply in a corner. 

Select pots with well worn dark glaze, or those with a more natural, buff finish and texture – mix and match like these interiors below. 

Add style to a bistro, brasserie or eclectic fusion restaurant concept with these pots, or add tactile touches to a boutique hotel lobby.


earthenware pots

Images via Pinterest

English Stone Urns

Chances are we’ll have all seen a couple of these stone urns at the bottom of some steps leading into a stately home, or at the entranceway to a National Trust property.

These beautiful urns’ open, elegant shape makes them perfect for delicate, herbal arrangements, trailing succulents or ferns.

Use urns with plinths for a standalone design feature, or sit atop a sideboard, sturdy console table or on their own side tables.

Our collection of English stone urns has been sourced from the finest gardens throughout the United Kingdom.

We love how these English Stone Urns can be used in traditional style rooms, such as either side of a mirror in a hallway, planted with beautiful indoor plants. Or mixed in with more contemporary schemes and colours for an unexpected twist – the stone against a dramatic dark wall colour would look fabulous.

If you’re looking for inspiration to incorporate these into commercial design, consider how they can work in conservatory dining rooms in a restaurant (we love the Ivy Chelsea Brasserie’s Conservatory, pictured below for this look). They’d be perfect to add drama to a private dining room, too.


english stone urns

Images: 1. Devol via Pinterest, 2. Pinterest, 3. The Ivy Chelsea Brasserie

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S T A T E M E N T  S E A T I N G

Bamboo, rattan, or even benches can add impact to a room without taking over a scheme.

70’s style rattan seating in a living room, study or occasional seating in an open plan kitchen/dining layout can add impact and an eclectic, global feel, without the imposing feel of the equivalent in solid wood. Pair with whimsical cushions and throws to add personality into a room, or to tie into the scheme colours.

Add informal seating to waiting rooms, spas or hotel bar areas with artful bamboo, or even use for event styling. Create a statement in a luxury suite with unique patio seating or a hanging chair. The options and opportunities are endless!


bamboo seating

Images via Pinterest

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I N D O O R  L A N T E R N S

Wall lighting looks set to stick around for a while yet and is the perfect place to add eye-level accents to any scheme. 

Add outdoorsy charm to a room with lantern lighting,  hallways and entranceways, covered courtyards and hotel room balconies. 

Who wouldn’t love to sit on their balcony with a nightcap and gentle lantern lights?

Beautiful elegant lamps that offset your wall colour or exposed brick features, in copper, brass or cast iron.


lanterns inside inspiration

Images: 1. Lime Wood Hotel, 2. Rosewood Hotel Montecito, CA, 3. Elle Decor

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