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Bring The Outdoors, In


Bring the outdoors inAntique plant pots, hanging egg chairs, benches and outdoor lighting can create that feeling of light, bright space. Beautiful design features you might traditionally expect to find outdoors can incorporate texture and tactile features to any room.

Create an atmospheric feeling of a Parisien courtyard or Tuscan Terrazzo all year round with these design elements.

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The Spring Industrial Edit

Industrial lighting

So here we are, the Winter fog has lifted, with Spring on the horizon & with a new season, comes new trends. However there are some trends that fail to diminish, yet they evolve with substance as we ingeniously interpret them in new lights.

With that in mind, here is our  Spring Industrial Edit. We’ve been working our restorative ‘behinds’ off gathering some renown brands & some totally unique pieces that will not fail to entice you back into this cool & stylish trend with a fresh approach.

Within this newsletter release we will look to provide you with some feature pieces & demonstrate how to avoid the explosion of mass production & eccentricities. Including some inspiration on how to effectively incorporate original industrials pieces into our current modern day surroundings.

spring industrial art

EVERTAUT Factory Chairs & M.O.D. Wicker Trolley

industrial chairs
antique wicker basket art

The beauty of these Industrial Evertaut Factory Chairs is simply that there is 19 of them! Great individual pieces but as you can see from the image above, mighty fine as a collective. A significant demonstration of British Industrial manufactured furniture – ergonomically designed for comfort, specifically for factory workers to operating machinery for prolonged periods.

A very large Antique Ministry of Defence Wicker Trolley. This impressive wicker MOD basket trolley was used to store newly manufactured uniforms. A simply wonderful piece with a charming British history, in a well preserved state with a warm charismatic colour.


Pendant Lights

vintage lamp
green pendant lights

What can we say, it’s a Pifco Anglepoise Desk Lamp, but it’s no ordinary Pifco desk lamp, its PINK! As rare as you like, as original as they come. The crinkled pink paint is set on a three step cast iron base with chrome arms – this eco piece, we challenge you not to love!

Further industrial inspired Dome Pendants by Crossland. Drawing upon their sizeable scale & proportions, these lights make impressive feature pieces, particularly when suspended in a trio. Complementing the huge shift in fashion towards bottle & forest greens in 2017, these lights epitomise the evolution of this colour palette for 2018

Cabinet & RUBY OWENS

antique vintage storage
antique industrial chairs

A beautiful sleeping treasure that is an Antique 20 Drawer Jewellers Cabinet, with well-drawn proportions & fine patina. Simply an incredible piece with such eye-catching scale, it would be a focus piece for any room. Not entirely an industrial piece, but these drawers lend themselves to this styling & add creative direction.

To complete our collection of industrial led furniture, we have 8 Rubery Owen Blade Chairs. The set are complimentary of their collective form in terms of character & wear. Such a rare find that would create a beautiful seating arrangement for any dining space.

header 2 Cooling & Cooling

Here at Cooling & Cooling we can appreciate that some buildings adapt well to Industrial styling due to their manufacturing or trade led background. However with a little creativity & the evolution of adapting multiples trends that coherently complement one another, here we demonstrate how to inject this into everyday living.

antique art

Image by Devol via Pinterest     |    Images by Daily Mail via Pinterest

industrial lamps

All images credited to HOWE London

Always here to #creatingsomethingspecial
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Cooling & Cooling Interiors

Welcome to our First Seasonal Newsletter

Mailchimp Autumn Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 1 Cooling & Cooling

The transition to Autumn is an all-time favourite seasonal switch at Cooling & Cooling – the colour change of the leaves, the beginning of the slightly cooler weather, the layers and the start of hibernation, making a house a home again in anticipation of those moments of calm and hygge.
Which leads me to the introduction of our first newsletter, with perfectly apt timing as we start to think about our interiors again & cosying on down in front of the fire with our copies of Living etc for inspiration & Cooling & Cooling at hand making those room editorials seem one step more achievable.

unnamed 3 Cooling & Cooling

Mid Century Chairs & Hoop Frame Chairs

unnamed 3 1 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 4 Cooling & Cooling
IMG 0950 1 Cooling & Cooling

At Cooling & Cooling we are seeing some huge interest around mid-century chairs & Scandinavian hoop chairs. After the success of a similar seating items of this era, we have sought out more of the same but in keeping with the season we have managed to find some delightful brown leathers & suedes….

unnamed Cooling & Cooling

As its autumn we wanted to highlight some lighting items that are going to bring a little autumn sparkle to your home that we just love at Cooling & Cooling. Here are our feature pieces from street lights to art deco opalines:

IMG 0814 1 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 7 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 8 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 9 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 10 Cooling & Cooling
unnamed 6 Cooling & Cooling

One trend we are on the lookout for this Autumn at Cooling & Cooling is
Bamboo is a multi functional & eco friendly material which has been creeping out of the woodworks (excuse the pun!) for sometime. These materials are great in single accents within a room, which gives a subtle nod to vintage and mid-century furnishing. It extends from seating to coffee tables, even traditional room dividers & headboards.

unnamed 11 Cooling & Cooling

We hope you feel invigorated & inspired, ready to inject some Autumnal Interiors into your life & home.
We’d love to hear from you, whether it be a stock enquiry, or simply to tell us your thoughts on our newsletter & what you would like to see more of?

Cooling & Cooling Interiors

Gents of Leicester Clocks


So we thought it would only be appropriate to write some content on one of our most concentrated stock items. We have gone to town with Gents of Leicester clocks & I mean gone to town! Adam seems to be like a magnet for them, which is good because there are some little (or rather large!!) stunner’s, including one almighty showstopper! I will go on to reveal all…

Gents Of Leicester Clocks 1 Cooling & Cooling
As some of you may or may not know in the words of wise ol’ Wikipedia ‘Gents’ of Leicester, also known as Gents & Company Limited, was established in Leicester, England, in 1872 by John Thomas Gent. For over a century, the company was a well-known manufacturer of electrical equipment, in particular its electric clocks, which were used in public buildings and railway stations all over the world.’

18” Copper Station Clock #1044 1045 1 Cooling & Cooling
To give you some background & history on our stock, we found ourselves acquainted with a retired senior producer from the BBC, who had hung onto these clocks after the BBC relocated its Manchester Broadcasting Studio’s. These are originally salvaged first hand from Dickenson Road Studios, the first Northern based building the BBC acquired from Mancunian Films in 1954.

Dickenson Cooling & CoolingDickenson Road Studios in Rusholme, the BBC’s first television studio outside London
(Image sourced from Wikipedia)

Dickenson Road Studio’s was famously the stomping ground and original studio for Top of the Pops, which means there is a good chance these clocks were around & used when the show hosted bands such as The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, The Hollies, The Swinging Blue Jeans & The Beatles who filmed episodes of the hit show in that very building! If only these clock could talk, oh the tales they could tell! To give you some insight of our stock, we have the following pieces:

2 x Extra Large 24” Black station clocks, #1044 ref number for onsite

1044 8 1 Cooling & Cooling

3 x 18″ Copper Station Clocks as pictured below & currently onsite under ref #1044

IMG 1971 Cooling & Cooling2 x Bakelite 12” Factory clocks & 8 x small 9” circular Bakelite clocks, as pictured in our editorial image.

4 x broadcasting clocks with fully functioning Quartz battery powered movement & illuminating broadcasting lights #1049 #1050 #1051

IMG 3839 Cooling & Cooling

The showstopper of them all, is the double sided square Station Clock, salvaged from a unknown derelict Northern station, all we can say is think BIG…

IMG 3932 Cooling & Cooling

The impact they have together is just incredible & will make a striking wall display using different diameters. However, you may just need a single large clock for a dramatic presence on a wall feature, these authentic pieces can accommodate any interior environment, be it corporate, residential or an independent business looking to create individual surroundings!

IMG 3929 Cooling & Cooling

Cooling & Cooling

For Rare Restorative Pieces – Creating Something Special

Behind the Scenes at Cooling & Cooling


To put into words the last couple of weeks, they have been ‘excitingly chaotic’ as we prepared for the launch of the website! We have been busy finalising the layout & design, alongside restoring & photographing pieces in the workshop to make sure our stock is ready.

IMG 3652 resize for web Cooling & Cooling

Cooling & Cooling finally launched on Friday which was a momentous day for Adam & I. The week leading up to the launch our excitement levels were high in anticipation of sharing our hard work, but at the same time we were quite anxious. All our inspirations, idea’s & planning were finally no longer a pipe dream but somewhat a reality, a reality we have now brought to you with so much hard work, dedication and endless emotion!

IMG 3681 resize for web Cooling & Coolingclip image004 Cooling & Cooling

So as the website is now live, we thought we’d share some imagery from the workshop & studio to give you some further insight into our exciting new venture! Our home has always been our building blocks & it is firmly now the pillar & centre of our business

As you can see, at the point of receiving our unrestored individually sourced pieces, they are given some much needed attention in our workshop & then photographed in our onsite studio. We take pride in the way we present & photograph our pieces, as ultimately we believe that restored furniture has to be situated into the right environment in order to stand out.  With that in mind we hope our photography helps you creatively draw inspiration for your own home.  

IMG 3667 resize for web Cooling & Cooling

On that note, the launch has been positive, its blue skys & the weekend is in sight. Things are most certainly blossoming here at Cooling & Cooling

clip image008 Cooling & Coolingwisteria house size for web Cooling & Coolingclip image002 Cooling & Cooling

Hello from Cooling & Cooling


A warm welcome to the new site! As the site itself is a new venture we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you all a little more about us… We are a husband & wife team, who have collaborated together after our fixation with rare & unique restored pieces. Our home has been our building blocks, we buy what we like but we both have tendencies to lean towards certain items, yet somehow managing to meet in the middle allows us to curate a well balanced and eclectic offering.

blog 1 Cooling & CoolingWe hope to bring to you the pieces that challenge you creatively & ultimately demonstrate how to style your home with an unusual items, yet in keeping not only with modern day but sympathetic & complimentary to the property. Our objective is to recreate interiors that make you feel nostalgic, yet not out dated, because they are incorporated into room concepts that present stylish & edgy surroundings. We source pieces that are interesting, have historic or restorative value and we hunt in multiples, the bigger the find, the greater the treasure!

blog 2 Cooling & CoolingTo fill you in further, our services extend are far as you wish…we can source specific items that you require with our continued presence at the countries leading antiques fairs, alongside our explorative adventures further afield, or we can present to you ideas of pieces that we have & believe will suit your surroundings.

blog 3 Cooling & CoolingWe are able to offer interior advice & support when your creativity becomes too consuming or time is too precious, as we all know it can be! After completely renovating & re-designing each room in our own home, alongside projects of those around us, we can inspire you with collating room concepts, from paint to furniture, including those thought provoking decorative items.

We hope to meet your expectations & further more inspire you to enquire regarding our stock.

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Cooling & Cooling, For Rare Restorative Pieces – always creating something special

blog 4 Cooling & Cooling